Friday, September 07, 2007

Dionne Warwick earworm

Friday, September 07, 2007

So, today was a really hard day @ work because my boss is a human wart. Without getting into specifics, I'm sure I've never worked for someone so unpleasant and insensitive before. Thankfully, my days here are truly numbered (15 more to go!).

Anyway, to help me through the day, I'm lucky to have good co-workers whom I consider good friends, too. Just when things were looking especially bleak, one of 'em sent me a link to one crazy ass video:

(it even has a remix:
Thanks, Rachel! The old chick in the tin foil to the left is my favorite. Ya gotta love public access -- the interesting part about it is that this show could've been filmed any time between today and 1970, based on how most public access shows go.

Then, when the day took an even darker turn, Nakeba sent me this link:

Between pickle licks, it occurred to me: this is what friends are for.

And then the Dionne Warwick earworm got me ("I'll be on your side for-e-ver moooo-ooore. That's what friends are foooo-ooooor!"). So to my awesome co-workers: THANKS! I needed that! What would we do without each other and freaky ass people on the Web to keep us from quitting our jobs?

BTW, this pic reminds me of the kind of stuff I used to put in the column I wrote for my college newspaper ("Preditorial"). I used to label the graphics "Figure 1.1" etc. and pretty much anything was game. I once scanned in a vibrator my friends gave me as a b-day gift and wrote a column about why I refused to use it. In retrospect, that was probably not good journalism.