Sunday, December 16, 2007

Best. Sunday. Ever.

Okay, so I'm still jacked up and it's been nearly 4 hours since I got home. Maybe it's the caffeine from an intern-retrieved Dunkin Donuts coffee (more on that later) but I'm on a SICK natural high right now. The reason? I spent the entire day in the CBS Broadcast Center on the set of "The NFL Today"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I got to meet James Brown, Dan Marino, Bill Cowher, Shannon Sharpe and Boomer Esiason. Yes, I got to shake their hands. Yes, I sat 15 feet away from them during the entire pre-game show. Yes, I sat next to JB in Dan Marino's chair during the entire 1st half as he did game updates. Yes, I joked with Dan as he returned to find me in his chair before the halftime report. Yes, I talked smack with Boomer (my favorite analyst and not because he guaranteed the Pats go 19-0...woot!!!). In short, it was heaven on earth for me today.

[photos with JB, Dan, "Coach," Shannon and Boomer and ME!]

One of the day's many highlights (or "web gems," if you will) include JB complimenting me on being "ready to call play-by-play" (and better looking than Phil Simms, too). Also, being able to watch 8 games simultaneously on monitors throughout the studio without a seeing a single commercial. Yep, all monitors were live feeds from the trucks so in addition to seeing the cameras set up for the next shot (wiping blizzard goo from the cameras in Buffalo, por ejemplo), I also got to hear actual crowd noise (sans scary football music) as well as Simms and Jim Nantz BS-ing off camera. I don't think there's a better way to watch football. Period.

Another random highlight? 3rd quarter: After going apeshit on the catered food (yum!!!), I was glazed over in the production room watching 10 different games (8 CBS plus 2 Fox) when an intern asked, "I'm doing the Dunkin Donuts run - do you want anything?" I was like, "are you serious? I get to sit here, watch every football game and have Dunkin' Donuts coffee delivered, too??" Free. Exactly as I asked (medium French Vanilla, light with skim milk, no sugar). Directly to my eager little hands. Holy shit. I could've died.

I can't die yet, though; there's still more work to be done. Oh, did I fail to mention? I'm freelancing as project manager for CBS' new sports HELL yeah!!! (yes, I have a shrine of Jeremy Murphy in my closet.) On the horizon? A possible interface with Tom Brady. Yes, Tom Fucking Brady. During said encounter, I intend to make sure the photographer gets me on Tom's lap looking like a little girl on Santa's.

Oh yeah, and that brings me to the last highlight: my Patriots beat the Jets 20-10 and remain undefeated at 14-0. But a loss today wouldn't have bothered me at all. The only buzzkill would've been if CBS Sports staff realized what a crazy mo' fo' I am and escorted me off the set. (They may find out yet if I can score AFC Championship tix!!!!)

Best. Sunday. Ever.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Freakin' Facebook

Okay, so a few weeks back, I was invited by some friends to join Facebook. In order to view their profiles, I had to join. Within seconds of clicking on their names, I was a member and sucked into the bizarre world of Facebook. And it is truly bizarre.

I've since created a more elaborate profile but thus far, it's nothing like MySpace (tricked out with cheesy graphics and music). Instead, it's a blank white slate driven by a mountain of add-on applications such as aquariums, trivia, favorite books/artists, the details of your latest bowel movement, a vibrating hamster and God knows what else:

I feel like I'm constantly being invited to "poke" somebody. I'm sure this is completely normal on Facebook but isn't it considered rude everywhere else? I dunno. Maybe it's just 'cause I'm a newbie but I feel lost. I have managed to connect with one long lost friend from high school on Facebook but other than that, not sure what else to make of it?