Monday, February 08, 2010

Donut Royalty

Okay, it's been a while since I updated this blog -- not that there hasn't been anything blog-worthy to write about (I did, after all, just get engaged!) -- but I'll skip rehashing all that's happened in the nearly 12 months since my last post because the only thing that REALLY matters is that I AM DUNKIN DONUTS ROYALTY.

("There's something I've been meaning to ask you. There's this thing I've heard, and if I thought for one second it was true I'd probably kill myself. Does your fiancee work - in a doughnut shop?" "Yes. A Donut King." "A Donut King! So is she like the queen? Are we entertaining royalty?" Quick aside, if you've never seen "The House of Yes" starring Parker Posey, rent it NOW.)

A fiend when it comes to the coffee I drink every morning, I've been a "regular" customer of the Dunkin Donuts (DD) located in the 47th/50th Street-Rockefeller Center subway station since starting a temp job nearby in mid-November '09. Each morning, I order the same thing: Extra large, extra pumpkin coffee light with skim milk. Last week, I was honored with the staff's acknowledgment of my "regular" existence when, without a word from me, they prepared my coffee; the honor inched me closer to "lesser commuter god" and away from "faceless customer."

Today, I was anointed, dubbed, knighted, what-have-you when, upon arriving to the DD counter, my coffee was promptly handed to me. Shocked and humbled, I stammered, "" to which one of the staff smiled and said, "we saw you coming from the train." That's right - I don't even have to be present to place my order anymore.

Crown, please?

More than a "donut lady in waiting" but perhaps less than an actual queen (a queen would get her coffee for free), I consider this a lifetime achievement award as a faithful DD coffee drinker.

As I savor every drop of hard-earned caffeine, I'm contemplating a few options for immortalizing this cup of coffee (dipped in gold? stuffed with someone's beloved dead pet?). How else to mark this watershed moment, my coronation as Donut Royalty? Perhaps I should write an acceptance speech to give tomorrow AM...?

With my trophy coffee...


Jennifer Powers said...

Congratulations Your Highness! That is quite an accomplishment! I talk to my friend on her way to work several times a week and she stops for DD every morning. Every morning she is force to repeat her order several times, "Medium pumpkin coffee, skim milk and two Splenda" several times only to get to the window and it is wrong. Your DD should win an award!! As usual, I love reading your take on the world. Waiting for the "Morning Commute" book. I read your post to my family every night. My son loves it!!

Punkapoo said...

Thanks, Jenny!! Your friend should go to a different DD - there are a few in the city that I avoid unless in a coffee crisis because of their crappy customer service. Can I just say how flattered I am by your book suggestion and that you share the posts with your family?! Of course, now I'll have to tone it down a bit to make them PG-13!! ;)

Anonymous said...

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