Sunday, October 21, 2007

The most employed unemployed person

Okay, so I got laid off @ the end of Sept. and was sooooo looking forward to sitting on the couch, eating crap food and watching hours of mindless garbage on TV (i.e. soaps) but nooooooooooooo...I'm the most employed unemployed person EVER.

I've got freelance gigs lined up back-to-back-and-overlapping to the point that I almost miss going into a 9-5 (okay, in my case a 10:30-ish to 6) job!!! WTF??? My new roommie must think all I do is wear PJ's, work and bitch about it.

And the worst part? NBC cancelled my soap! "Passions" went off the air this summer and is only available on some weird ass Direct TV channel (I managed to catch an episode on a JetBlue flight back to NYC last week -- happy to see that I haven't missed much since Theresita has yet to tell Ethan about little Ethan...geez, talk about prolonging a plot).

Even if I had the time to watch daytime TV, my choices are dismal: Judge Judy (no thanks -- she and my fossil wart ex-boss are CLONES), Ellen (crying about an adopted dog?) and Martha Stewart (not unless it's outtakes of her flipping out on assistants).

Am I so abnormal that I can't even do unemployment like normal people???

(of course, the flip side is: what if I didn't have freelance gigs? Then I'd be stressed about $$ and finding a job...either way, I'm kvetching)

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