Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lame duck protocol

So, I just got laid off yesterday from my job -- Bush cut $300 million from the AmeriCorps budget that funded the project I work on...seems he needed money to keep killing Iraqis or something.

Whatev. I hated it here with my miserable fossil of a boss so who gives a shit. I don't think finding a new job will be a problem and I've got lots of freelance work lined up to tie me over 'til then. I guess the only problem I'm facing is that my last day is Sept. 30 -- what do I do between now and then?

Is it wrong to call in sick every day? Would I be out of line to have dwarf strippers at my going-away office party? Can I sustain this thin veil of office decorum for 30 freaking days?

There's plenty of time to look at garbage online (latest favorite site is and apply for jobs but I can do that from home. Why the hell do I have to be here? Why not just give me Sept. salary as severance and tell me to fuck off? I mean, isn't it bad enough to get laid off? On top of that, I have to schlep to the office every day and pretend to work and care...wait, that's nothing new. I can SO do this.

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