Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Saturn breaks the hell out

Okay, so let me preface this post with the fact that I'm an educated, well-read woman -- a skeptic who usually needs to be convinced by 3 different people of the most basic truths.

That said, I am also totally entertained by the most base things. "The Girls Next Door" reality show on E! about Hugh Hefner's girlfriends is one good example...astrology is another. Since I was a teenager, I've been a bit of an astrological enthusiast and at one point became pretty good at correctly guessing people's signs (ya gotta love the odds: 11 to 1). Now, I'm a closeted 'scoper and only have brief flirtations with the subject; today was one such day.

I've been draggin' ass for the last week or so, dreading each day at work before the alarm even goes off in the morning. I'm heavy with angst and the desire to finally find "the job" that makes me happy, pays well and isn't 3 hours from my apartment. The problem has been (and continues to be): what makes me happy? What am I supposed to be doing? What did I move to NYC for, anyway?

I don't know. Astrology doesn't know, either, but it at least tries to pretend like it does. So, today I went on Susan Miller's, the only site I've ever given a second look to ('cause it's detailed, free, thorough, free, well-written, and, um, free). Susan had some interesting points about why this August is ass draggin' time for us Leos:
"This month you come to the end of a 1,000-mile journey. Ever since Saturn entered Leo in July 2005, you have had a long and gradual process of reinventing yourself..."

That's it! Saturn, that bastard of a task-master, disciplinary and gaseous planet that comes around every 30 years or so to kick our asses if we're not doing what he gave us the gift to do (according to astrology, of course, ehem: But haven't I paid my dues? I'm 34 -- is Saturn a squatter, too?!

See, my Saturn-given task is to communicate and I started out well with that (was editor of high school & university papers, majored in English, made lots of phone calls and stuff, etc) but then got off course in my mid-late 20's. Saturn's fat ass started comin' when I was 28 and that's when I felt the burning desire to finish my thesis and get my M.A. in English already. I even dedicated my thesis "To Saturn's Return." Bastard!

Now, that sick fuck is finally leaving and I won't see him again for 28 years! Plenty of time to slack off and fail to communicate! Woo-hoo! More dead-end writing/editing jobs, please! No thanks, NY Times Best Seller list!

BTW, a really great book on this subject (especially for women in their mid-20's and mid-50's) that I thoroughly enjoyed was "Surviving Saturn's Return" ...of course, I only read the parts about Leo (duh!).

Of further interest (to me only, I suspect), Susan writes:
"You may have a major career decision to make on or near August 13, due to a pairing of Venus and Saturn. This mood of seriousness will intensify further during the following week, and especially on August 21, when the Sun and Saturn will conjoin. If your birthday falls on this day, you will be doubly sensitive to the vibes operating on this day. You will be deeply meditative, maybe even somber, but also able to take on more responsibility. No doubt about it, you will have plenty on your mind. Don't let doubts or fleeting feelings of depression enter your mind - this is all very temporary! ... Remember, when Saturn leaves Leo next month, you will have officially ended a once-in-29-year tour of duty that this taskmaster planet has put you though. You are done! No matter what, life will improve from now on!"

[cue theme from "The Jeffersons"...movin' on up...]

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