Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gammy was a "Rolling Stone" ('til she read it)

Even though I just wrote yesterday about my wonky eye and I try to limit my time here (MySpace is virtual quicksand), I just GOTTA share an email I got from my grandmother today -- she's hip like that. Well, maybe not THAT hip.

See, she ordered a magazine subscription to help my 9-yr-old cousin Mandy raise funds for her Girl Scout troop. What happened next is a funny, poignant example of generational differences:
1) My "Gammy" is a member of the Greatest Generation
2) My Dad is a Baby Boomer
3) and Britney Spears is, um, a member of Generation Y the Hell Not

My grandmother's email in its entirety:

Hi Jennifer,
I ordered a magazine through Mandy's Girl Scout group to benefit the them. Without thinking about it, I just checked off the least expensive magazine. Well. it was "Rolling Stone". Wow! Was I surprised when I started to read an article about Britney Spears! What a potty mouth! The actual bad words are in the story. Needless to say, I had no idea what I was buying!

I checked with Aunty Nancy to see if I could transfer it to Frankie or your dad. He (your dad) happened to call her while we were talking, and he was all for the idea. That's the type he enjoys.
I called the customer service line to request it be sent to your dad instead of me. They said no problem and it will be sent to him starting in March.

Imagine, a 77 year old broad, living in an elderly highrise getting "Rolling Stone"!!! That's funny!!! I got some strange looks when the mailman came!
Take care. See ya.

xxx ooo

(she SO could've pulled off that bald look)

p.s. the email is also a good example of how far Rolling Stone's hipster stock has fallen.

p.p.s. I love that my grandmother refers to herself as a "broad." I'm going to start saying that, as in "that broad Britney really knows how to entertain!"

p.p.p.s. see what happens in the lull between football and baseball? First I write about Paris and now Britney. (sigh) Imagine how different this country would be if Pat O'Brien had been forced to play outside instead of clipping from his mom's People magazine between nose bleeds?

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Dan the Man said...

Word is that your gammy is not only a hip broad, but is also smokin' hot.