Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It takes a big girl to admit she has a bigger eye

Back when I had a full-time job, I used to block out my old (and I mean OLD) boss's nonsense by perusing gossip sites like egotastic.com and pinkisthenewblog.com. I remember laughing one day when they wrote, "Paris Hilton and her wonky eye made an appearance last night on the red carpet." Ha ha! Paris and her wonky eye!

Not so funny anymore. In the past week, I've seen two photos that clearly prove what I've long feared and never wanted to admit: I, too, have a wonky eye.

(received this one tonight from my friend and former co-worker -- a photo she'd taken of me and my Man last December: the evidence is now irrefutable)

How to correct this? Do I accept it as Paris has (that jewel of morality and respectable behavior)? Or do I simply apply more makeup to my right eye to balance things out? Should I say "arrrrrgh" when I smile for the camera so it appears intentional? Or do I put my a-mazing Photoshop skills to work on my own face?

Not sure what my course of action will be (if anything). In the meantime, I'm sorry, Paris, for laughing at your wonkiness. I laughed too hard, too soon.

Seems I'm a natural freak of, um, nature and Paris is, well, just a freak. According to The Evil Beet (http://evilbeetgossip.film.com/2007/01/19/wonky-eye-mystery-solved/), Paris' wonky eye is the result of an eye-lift gone wrong. So, I take comfort in learning yet another piece of info that widens the gulf between she and I.

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Anonymous said...

your insane, paris's lazy eye i can see but you? im not even being nice, theres nothing wrong with your eyeballs lady!!